With no Regret

Some people etch their footprints in our lives and leave a trail of memories to cherish forever. I have come to value some friendships that I formed with people within the last few years, realizing how much a few kind words or moments shared with them can impact my life.

There is no sure method to protect yourself from friends and relationships that lead to heart break. Reflecting on past relationships and friends, I realize how much those moments shaped not only my character and personality, but my views of life as well. I’ll never forget the first boy I fell in love with or the moments with friends where you are in blissful agony caused by bouts of laughter that seem unstoppable.

I’ll forever cherish the moments where I’ve been touched by love. Where everything comes to a momentary pause and the world seems to wait for your heart to stop racing. Everything seems silent and the luminosity of love embraces you and fill’s you with such sublime joy. It is like the moment during that last dance, when you close your eyes, wishing the moment would last for all eternity. Safe in the embrace of that one person, that for that one moment seems absolutely perfect.

Sure we all get hurt or heart broken, I will never forget the feeling of my first heart break.. Or even subsequent ones that followed in life. I used to regret forming certain friendships and entering into certain relationships, but I see now how important those moment were in shaping how I cope with the same emotions and friendships now.

I also realize that we are so quick to judge other people, there actions, or emotional opinion about something. Fact remains that you can find yourself in a similar position so quickly, and only then you can see without veiled eyes why they acted or reacted as they did. Judgment is not for us to apply.

I have pondered over so many regrets I have. The fact that I wasted years of studying by not applying the knowledge, or not having my wedding captured on video, not telling people that I love them but only implying it, not putting more effort into some friendships, and not spending more quality time with some friends.

But I’ve realized that I don’t regret all the things I’ve been pondering over. I will go and do every thing again, live every moment, love everyone I have. Form all the friendships I had.

To my close friends, I cherish you, value your opinions, love laughing with you.

To the people close to my heart, you’ll forever remain there. I’ll never forget moments spent together and that we will spend together still. I know I haven’t said it, but I love you dearly and will forever… x

A life full of laughter, where silence tells you everything you need to know, that is all anyone needs.


2 thoughts on “With no Regret

  1. Reblogged this on Captsavage's Blog and commented:
    This post sort of reflects my thoughts, in that everyone who have been my friends and/or lovers over the years have made impression on me, left footprints in my sand. Some of these footprints have been near the low water mark and been washed away with the coming tide, whilst others have lasted and will be with me forever.

    I too don’t regret forming relationships, I know there is pain and heartbreak and risk, but everything that is pleasurable has some degree of risk involved.

    It is such a shame when a relationship breaks down and all you can do is reflect on the bad times.

    Capt. Savage
    (my life is a tapestry of friendships and experience)


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