The love of books…

There is something about the smell trapped inside the pages of a book that is magnetically alluring. It is almost as if every story has it’s own unique aroma. I absolutely love reading, and can loose myself in the pages of countless books that give me an excuse to trail off into some alternate reality.

I’m privileged to be a part of a book club consisting of ten hilariously funny, sweet, endearing, supportive, strong women. We get together each month over a few glasses of wine and succulent dinners. Our “library” has grown and consists of an enormous amount of glorious books from which we can have our pick.

I love reading practically anything. Few things can soothe me as much as the words written on the pages of a good book. I have just finished Clockwork Prince, the second book in The Infernal devices series by Cassandra Clare. It follows on The Mortal Instruments series by the same author. I loved these books…fiction and romance intertwined beautifully! Amongst the many quotes in the book, this is my most favorite:

“The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed” – Charlotte Bronte, “Evening Solace” ”

Absolutely beautiful…I loved reading through the finely written paragraphs that caught my breath leaving me grinning and breathless.

I usually read at least two books per month, over December holiday I read twelve. I always feel spoiled knowing that I have enough time on hand to indulge in reading as much as I do. I haven’t been able to read an e-book though. The thing about real books are that sensation you get from paging through crisp pages with a story trapped within them, old yellowed pages that has transcended through countless hands and fingers and eyes taking in every word. E-books hold a story, but not a sensation of literature.

A good book gives you wings and a lightness to soar upon the words and phrases of someone else. Can’t wait to get my hands on another gloriously satisfying and enchanting book to read!