Letters to my invisable friends – Dear Fairy Godmother

Dear Fairy Godmother

Why can tears not turn back time? Imagine if they could, wouldn’t it be great?! Instead they are silent drops of hurt and despair. Shapeless and even though they seem clear, they are tainted with stress, worry, sorrow and regret.

Why can’t they be useful? I want my tears to be of some use, to bring relief, to ease my soul, to make me forget…. I want them to do something more than just be a reflection of feelings I would much rather not have. Why do we have the ability to cry if it is such a meaningless act? I hate how tears reflect a hidden inner weakness, how they remain long after they have dried. How they linger and reach so far down into your soul pulling at what hurts so very much.

Why …. Why why why!!!! Why do things happen that hold no hope or promise other than that of hurt that follow on sorrow’s heels?? Why do we make decisions that we know would undoubtedly leave us with regret? Why do we do things or say things we never should?

I hate that tears glisten when they serve no purpose of happiness… I hate that they bear silent witness… I hate that they communicate emotions and words that you want to trap forever!

I want them to help…and they are not! I want you to make them help!!
I want you to make them meaningful!!

Your friend in need


5 thoughts on “Letters to my invisable friends – Dear Fairy Godmother

  1. “they serve no purpose of happiness…” as you say, but they are the relief we need for letting it all out. Have you ever tasted the saltiness of tears?


  2. as a crier, when least wanted, i tend to see it as that utmost expression of utter helplessness in the face of your self.

    it’s the one selfish act, that, when over, you do feel better, you have expressed sadness, guilt, fear, frustration, anger, anything, and for such a transformation for these negative emotions, sometimes positive, to flow out from your eyes, the window to the soul, is very beautiful, and something to not repress, but allow them to be expressed.

    if you’re the only one there to experience it, your body wants you to feel. If others are there to share in that sacred moment, they understand more about you than you could otherwise communicate.

    Tears are your friend, not something to be ashamed of 🙂

    (you don’t have to post this if you don’t want to, i try to be macho 😉 )


  3. I am sorry you are feeling these things so deeply, only because it is painful for you. But if not for sensitive people in this world, our cultures would be unlivable. I consider highly sensitive individuals the salvation of our planet. You are very important. Lovely poetry. Very moving on my heart.


  4. Very Heartfelt post …….just want to say that nothing in this universe exists unless it has a purpose…..whether within us or around us………….your tears are a way to show that you care, you hurt, you love…..but more importantly they are a way to release deeply suppressed emotions which unless released….can consume us. For us to think clearly…..it is imperative that we empty our minds and hearts of limiting emotions……..only then can our ears listen to the guiding voice of our angels and our eyes see the various options which are there for us.
    Our magnificence is within us and once the tears wash away the emotional debris we do not need…..our magnificence shines through. Tears glisten because they reflect this magnificence and are aware of how much light is there within you.

    With much love and healing light ❤
    Celestine Rhythm


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