List of things that never change

Some things never change…

Like you know by now… I love making lists. This is my “things that never change” list. The one I’ll refer back to when I have lost my ability to remember… That’s if I remember to actually refer back to the list 😉

Fact 1: No matter how much you wish it stays summer forever… Winter is sure to follow, and yes, each one feels wetter and colder than the previous one.

Fact 2: During winter, you’ll no doubt tell everyone how much you love summer and that you’ll give anything for a nice hot day.

Fact 3: As soon as the first heat wave of Summer smacks you in the face, you’ll no doubt curse and say how much you hate summer and need just one cold day of relief.

Fact 4: Even though you want to love all the people of the world, and be everybody’s friend… Some people are not worth having in your life!

Fact 5: You’ll no doubt forgive these people all the hurt and annoyance they put you through several times.

Fact 6: You will wake up one day and realize that it’s perfectly fine not wanting to be their friend, and feel comfortable telling them that and ridding yourself of their presence in you life.

Fact 7: No matter how carefully you eat a packet of jelly babies, if you suck them and then chew, this method will always ensure that you are left with sticky, sugar coated lips that when pressed together stick to each other. Yumm

Fact 8: Don’t believe what anybody tells you… It’s always a good idea to start your day with chocolate 😉

Fact 9: You can most definitely have your dessert before your dinner 😉

Fact 10: Whatever is the center of your life, it will be the source of your security and guidance.

Fact 11: You know you have had too much red wine when everyone around you seems beautiful and you think you suddenly sing in tune 🙂

Fact 12: It will take you a very long time to realize which of your friends are true but when you do…it’s a priceless feeling.

Fact 13: A women should always have clean fresh smelling hair, a bit of make-up on and sexy underware… It’s a sure way to feel better about yourself.

Fact 14: In moments of heartbreak or sadness when you feel you have cried all the tears your body can possibly hold, you realize there is plenty more where those came from.

Fact 15: When you have two girls who absolutely love music, you will never have silence in your car… And house… 😉

Fact 16: People might tell you that they love you or even try to convince you that they care, but sadly, that is not necessarily true 😦

Fact 17: No one person is indispensable, it’s a cruel fact of life. But you won’t really be missed all that much and can be replaced.

Fact 18: If you ever found yourself isolated on an island, just hope you are not in the company of any of the people you don’t want in your life, and hope for an abundance of chocolate.

Fact 19: If there is no chocolate on the island…. Sorry, then there is absolutely no hope for survival.

Fact 20: No matter how depressed you feel, chocolate will always make it better 🙂


7 thoughts on “List of things that never change

  1. Very funny, and well worh a second read!
    love you 2o ” facts”, especially the chocolate ones.. they could have been written by my wife, a fellow lover of the choccy stuff 🙂


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