Sleep…not so much

It’s said that sleep is the one thing you cannot catch up on once lost… If that is the case, and beauty sleep is something I definitely need lots of, then I have found the reason behind my saggy eyes, dull skin and questionable mood.

I don’t often sleep well and mostly have a bad night. On rare occasion I’ll sleep an entire night without waking, but as I said… on rare occasion. I wonder if getting less good quality sleep can shorten your lifespan?? Hmmmm definitely something well worth googling.

I have no problems with having a shorter than usual lifespan, but for the moment I would enjoy at least four out of seven nights of good sleep… Sigh

And then of course with very little sleep you are predisposed to so many other ailments… Annoyance and weird food cravings ranking quite high on my list… So feeling super annoyed at the moment and craving anything and everything that I can not possibly find within my grasp, it seems a very long night ahead. Big sigh…

One thought on “Sleep…not so much

  1. I entirely sympathise with you and your lack of sleep problems.
    sometimes I just can’t sleep no matter what and it drives me up the wall.
    For the last 5 weeks I’ve had flu/ a chest infection and have spent many a long hour trying to cough up anything I can.
    not only is it getting me down butit’s pissing off my wife too.
    I’m hoping the antibiotics i’m on now will cure it and just one good nights sleep will come out of it…
    Good luck with your sleep problems, I have found that copious amounts of alcohol does help sometimes, but the down side is a mouth like a racoons cage the next morning… Ewwww 😦
    love n hugs xxx 🙂


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