Mortifing mosquitoes

Aaaagh yes, you know Summer is here when you wake up in the morning with mozzie bites adorning your body.

I honestly think it’s nature’s cruel way to punish us in small itchy doses! Like tiny midget flies, just as annoying with added sound effects, leaving an itchy aftermath. It’s strange how just when you dose off thinking of all things serene and wonderful you suddenly hear it…

Those tiny little midget insects from hell, announcing themselves in their very distinctive buzzing way. Always around your head, closing in on your ears just to make sure you can definitely hear them, and then they fly down and go bite you on your ass and ankles!

I hate it! Hate waking up with an itch in the middle of the night and even worse, I hate going to sleep with that all too familiar buzz around my head knowing with out a doubt that someplace, somewhere, sometime that night, they would strike!

You would think they would easily get their fill, but no, one bite is never enough…greedy little bloodsuckers must come back for seconds, and after that snacks and dessert. Big sigh…



2 thoughts on “Mortifing mosquitoes

  1. You are lucky they are small, here in South Africa they are huge and take you outside bed and all whilst sleeping then they have their way with you. lol


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