Fray Stop ??!!

Aaaggh yes, I’ve come to realize I ponder over things way too frequently. I analyze, assess, re analyze, ponder some more…It’s utterly exhausting! In the very many moments where I find myself unable to sleep, it always consumes my sleepless moments, leaving remnants of frustration, sadness, anger and above all exhaustion.

I’m undoubtedly fraying… Slowly but surely at the seems till nothing will be left but the frays. I’m not really functional, if I had been a power tool or appliance I would have been returned or taken in for repair ages ago. Sadly I think my warranty has expired, so I’m left functioning at a much less desirable level.

My rational mind knows that I should just take a moment to breathe, stop analyzing, stop wanting things more ordered and organized, but it’s challenging. Relinquishing control to my more rational self is proving much harder than I expected.

Note to self: just breathe…


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