Wedding Bells…

Van Gogh said: “Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.”

My friend’s widower father is getting married again, so preparations are very slowly getting under way. Googling for venues and ideas for flowers and so on, leaves me feeling an array of mixed emotions. Overwhelmingly excited to spend the day with them as they declare their devotion to one another and happy for the family for being blessed with such a great lady to be a part of their lives. I also have a feeling of sadness creeping in trying to get through the cracks, I can’t quite explain it. Maybe it’s a subtle reminder of a chapter in my life that is now closed and one where I failed so miserably, maybe it’s because it’s a chapter I know I’ll never again visit.

None the less, I remain excited for them, and can’t wait… Weddings are always so beautiful and leaves me pecking away the tears, because on that One day it seems like all your love is so unbelievably amplified, and there is nothing but you and your love and the invisible bonds created that bind you together surrounding you in bliss.

The Egyptians and Romans believed that a vital blood vessel ran between your ring finger on your left hand and your heart, so they named it “vena amori,” or “the vein of love.” Aaagh… So beautifully symbolic. Of course science has now proven otherwise, but the symbolism remains and this is why the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on that finger symbolizes eternal love.

With so many beautiful things and ideas to their disposal, I’m sure it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful day filled with new memories, family, laughter and eternal love…


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