Hey sister

Hey Sister

Oh how we laugh at the silly ways
Of silly people and silly days

Bad language and grammar we tisk about
We are in no need of those and can go without

Swopping stories from ages ago
We finally understand and now we know

No need to pretend we can just have fun
Happy family days in the sun

We shop and have our funny talks
And care not for those who comment on our funny walks

We go for a beer or drink a glass of wine
And stop after one and that’s just fine

We don’t have to be cool and go to a club
We stay home and laugh and fashion some grub

Our kids play outside and laugh as they go
We see them happy and that’s all we need to know

We’ll grow old together and go shop for better bra’s
Our husbands will rub our old feet at the spa’s

But until the day we are old and grey
I have just one little thing to say

We’ll laugh and giggle and love until we are blue!
Nothing else matters, that’s truer than true!



One thought on “Hey sister

  1. This is so sweet. My sister is getting married soon and I’ve been reminiscing a lot about growing up with her lately. There’s nothing quite like the relationship between sisters!


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