Tyranny of Entitlement

Entitlement – In a casual sense, the term “entitlement” refers to a notion or belief that one (or oneself) is deserving of some particular reward or benefit.

This definition has festered and attached itself to so many people in society. The “right” to this or that. It’s disturbing how many people misconstrue the word though. There are those that are “born” with a sense of entitlement to the point where they see themselves as the centre of any situation and if the song is not sung to their tune then it’s false.

You can almost just grin and shake your head when you hear someone go off in a conversation shouting demands like ; “you will do this, and you must, and I have to have this..”And all because they have such a warped sense of entitlement. My daughter said to me today; “mommy, respect is something you earn right? Not just something you deserve” to which I replied yes, and added that through earning respect you are deserving of it, but nothing is just a given.

I feel at times society so freely gives people a sense of their entitlement to things, the younger generation is loosing the ability to gain a sense worth, and self respect. Society is filled with people “entitled” to jobs for which they hold no qualification, or to which they add no contribution even when qualified…but they are entitled to their salary. Mothers that are “entitled” to manipulate their children and use them against their fathers, or “entitled” to call their fathers pathetic… without any just cause but purely out of a sense of entitlement and vise versa. Children “entitled” to have the newest and latest of whatever just because they are “entitled” to it. Bosses demanding more than the job description, offering no compensation because their position “entitles” them to do so, and then the people who think they are “entitled” to be condescending and demanding.

Entitlement is the real root to all evil.
Fact of the matter is that you are entitled to have a life, be safe, be happy, be respected, be wealthy etc… But not without mapping out that road and laying down the paving stones before you walk on it.


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