Soul warming soup

There is something magical about soup. On these colder winter evenings your soul almost craves some inner warmth and few things can beat a deliciously prepared soup. I’m terrible at cooking as I have mentioned before, so I doubt I’ll ever do a soup from scratch. Come to think of it, I can actually make an amazingly delicious mushroom soup. I think purely because it consists of only 4 ingredients, oh wait.. 5 ingredients.

The other more deliciously challenging ones elude me, and if they include some sort of meat that has to be all tender and falling to pieces, then I can so definitely not do that. I have made a butternut and orange soup before, but I reckon that it doesn’t really count as there is not much to it either.

Sigh, I do so love the warm array of delicious flavors all swimming together on my spoon, savoring every mouth full. Then there is the added bonus of enjoying some fresh goldenly crisp bread which it covered in satisfying salty butter… Yum

Oh yes, there are some small benefits to an otherwise dismally cold winter… Like good company, a warm bowl of soup and a glass of wine, bliss 🙂

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