Mothers Day Bliss

Another Mothers Day has come and gone. I’m so blessed to have two amazing girls that I can call my daughters! There are so many days where I reflect on our relationship and I feel privileged to say it’s one filled with respect, love, loyalty and laughter.

Once again they made my day special in every way. My youngest daughter told me after the fact that they had to take money to school for the gift they where preparing, and she saved her tuck shop money to pay for it instead of asking me for money. So cute, she was so excited when I fetched her from school on Friday and could not wait until Sunday to give me my surprise.

I woke up late on Sunday, spoiled with coffee in bed by my love and hugs and wishes from the girls. There is nothing quite as special as warm cuddles filled with extra bits of love and appreciation. After our late start I went to give some of my own hugs and kisses to my mom and shared in a bit of conversation and love. I’m so privileged to still have my mom and realize that I have to cherish the moments and time with her.

After our visit to my mom, we spent some time with my “sister-in-law”, another amazing mommy that is absolutely adored by her daughter, her in Law’s and my love’s dad and his soon to be step mom. Amazing people! I’m so blessed to share in so much love.

Thanks girls! I loved my sweet treats, beautiful artwork, cards and my very yummy smelling bath goodies!! You made mommy’s day so special, love you tons! xxx

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