Footsteps forward

The more of it you take, the more of it you leave behind…

A riddle that came up during this mornings fun and games whilst driving my girls to school. The answer of course is footsteps, and this got me thinking. It’s very true, not just in the literal sense of the phrase, but also figuratively.

Every step we take forward removes us from something left behind. Memories good or bad, people,places…and with every new step comes new experiences, new memories, new friends.

No one can possibly walk backwards, living in the past or being trapped by past memories will only keep you standing still, locked in place and unable to move forward. I have received some valuable advise of late and one thing I took to heart was the fact that I can only move forward if I broke free from the constraints I placed upon myself with regards to past events.

My divorce left me with a sense of guilt, lots of anger, an array of mixed emotions and hurt. Someone once told me that the best thing their mom ever did was divorce their father. I will never regret my choices, I regret hurting people but will stand by my choices. Freedom is most definitely found in accepting responsibility.

Through my many discussions about my girls and the effects my divorce would have on them, I have taken all aspects of the advice given to me to heart. Children will only be victims to the degree that the parent plays victim. Through my choice to accept the things I can no longer change and freeing myself from the guilt I felt, I’ll be a more functional parent. I choose to work with emotions of joy and hope, guiding them and empowering them to a greater philosophy of life.

I read today ” your children are a mirror into which you look each day. If you don’t like what you see, change yourself”. After reading this I realized that I wouldn’t change one thing about them! So I must be doing something right πŸ™‚

I feel excited taking new footsteps, leaving the old ones behind moving forward into new beginnings and experiences.


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