Stop and reflect

Sometimes people forget to see another person’s worth. How much they contribute towards something, their valuable roll in a team, their commitment and general dedication. It really is sad when really amazing people are left without things they deserve or go unnoticed.

I believe we are all destined for something, to play a part somewhere. To make a difference, to add value. We might just not be in control over when that occurs, but what must happen will.

It’s easy to loose track of things, or to feel so overwhelmed by things and worries that we can loose control over our actions or inactions. We all have moments when we see only what is directly in front of us and miss out on the bigger picture. Sometimes it helps to just stop for a moment, reflect and realize that all will be ok.

For those people that might need it today, when one door closes another one opens holding greater opportunities. Whether it’s new job possibilities, new love, better prospects or a more stable future, something better is waiting. Your broken heart will mend, your worries will decrease, your love will rebuild. Just believe it, and take time if you feel broken to heal and be a complete, fulfilled person. xxx


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