Peace can be found in silence. I treasure silent moments. Not necessarily the moments where my girls are super quiet or the house is super quiet, no… It’s the moments where everything is in place and you can feel harmony. I treasure those moments. It’s almost an inner silence, and for that harmonious moment your inner turmoil is at peace,white flags waving and everyone having tea.

With our house being filled with four kids occasionally, it is so blissful watching them play. Seeing how caring they can be towards each other. Three girls against one boy hardly seems fair, but yet it somehow works. I look at this boy and how utterly sweet he treats my girls, being protective, making them his “special coffee” even though he sometimes feels a bit overwhelmed by their “girly-ness”. Small little heart, just like his dad. If he grows into a man like his dad any women would be lucky to have him.

Oh and then the girls…I think my girls can drive my love’s older daughter a little mad at times, but she is like an older teenage sister that they look up to. With lots of teenage hormones and boy talk, it’s going to be an interesting journey. One I’m looking forward to.

Sigh… Listening to the lot of them sing now, you can’t help but smile. Like all families we have our moments, fights, annoyance etc… but we also have laughter, hugs, fun and lots of love. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. You always wonder if your heart can have enough love for other people, and then when they enter your life you realize just how much love you do actually have.

For now, I’m going to listen to them giggle away whilst watching their movie, and enjoy the silent harmony and love shared šŸ™‚


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