Creative Bliss

As you know I’m interested in all things creative. I love to write, to paint and sew and read and do all those “arty farty” kinds of things. For some reason it raises eye brows, some people sum me up as uneducated or non ambitious, lazy even. I read a quote this morning saying “keep your nose in books rather than in other people’s business”, so true. I love reading. Fiction, true life, self help.. The genre is not really important, it’s more the information I take from what I read that matters to me most. I miss reading… Not that I don’t read at all, but I read quick blogs or info etc…I miss reading at least a book a week.

I usually read a whole lot more than what I have this last year, but in the relationship I find myself in, my reading time has changed to enjoying endless hours of conversation with a glass of wine šŸ™‚ I’m not complaining at all though. I have an amazing friend and partner and I find myself lost in conversation with him so frequently that time with him never seems enough. I need a day between every one I have just to fit in more wonderful moments. I’m a very lucky lady šŸ™‚

I have started a small business sewing little outfits for children, and I’m loving it and feel so fulfilled when I can use my creativity to make something from scratch. As far as books go, I need to start a new collection. I do so love sniffing out something new and exciting to read. After all, for the moment I can squeeze reading into other gaps of time in my day if it means I can cuddle and converse every night. Sigh, the best of both… Well the best of more than just both, the best of multiple things. Big smile. There is an endless amount of joy and wonder and fulfillment to be found in being blessed with a creative mind.

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