Rocking weekend highs

What an amazing weekend filled with celebrations. My mom shares a birthday with my baby’s niece who turned 2 on Friday. My baby and I started the weekend festivities off on a high with some yummy food, good wine and of course cake at my mom’s. Saturday started off with a few tired yawns, but enjoying a party with an adorable 2 year old and more cake and treats definitely energizes any tired soul. After much wine and fun we spent an amazing Saturday evening indulging in cheese and wine and glorious conversation. Sunday being Father’s day turned out great. Slept late with a little breakfast in bed, another late breakfast with the kids, more lazying at home and then off to a show with my baby’s dad and fiance.
This was definitely the highlight of the day. First on stage was Stefan Dixon. Absolutely amazing. A combination of excellent sampling and a great voice with a slight African influence to his music. Definitely a very very talented young musician!

Next up we had the privilege to enjoy Fox Comet. Let me tell you, the lead singer is very eccentric and weird in a captivating and most entertaining way. Excellent vocals with a broad array of different influences within the music. They sang a cover of Message in a bottle that was top class. Definitely an indi-rock feel to the songs, great vocals and a very talented electrical guitarist. The drummer also did an amazing job. Not to leave out the base guitarist who sings backing vocals and is definitely eye candy for the ladies. As a whole the band amazed us with their talent, I really hope to see more of them in the future. Both Stefan Dixon and Fox Comet just released their debut albums, well worth getting hold of. Go have a look at and

Last but not least we were wowed by Pebbleman. Lead singer Jesse Jordan belts out hard core rock tunes with perfect pitch and amazing voice control. For such a small guy he wow’s with his powerful performance. Excellent drummer and base guitarist, but an amazingly talented lead guitarist, Richard Pryor. He effortlessly strums through cords and gives a world class performance. This band is an absolute must see!!! ,

We were blown away by the local talent!! It was such an entertaining and enjoyable evening and a perfect end to an amazing weekend with family and friends. 🙂

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