It’s most definitely been a year filled with change and personal growth. It’s almost like you reach a certain age where you no longer doubt what you want for yourself and where you don’t really care about other people’s senseless opinions.

The stages of life are so strange. As a teenager you feel you know everything, and you are so mature and the world owes you something. Other people look at you shaking their heads, thinking how immature you truly are, and find your contributions to conversation juvenile at best.

Then you reach your twenties, definitely feel like an adult, think you know what you want. Keep up with most trends, practical or not. Aim for a job with the highest possible salary. Things make you happy, your contribution to conversation consists of all the “now” words accompanied by various memorized thesaurus words.

Then you reach your thirties. You feel like a teenager but suddenly know you’re and adult because teenagers call you uncle and aunt. You wish you could still have afternoon naps. Salary is not the most important thing when you look for a job, traveling, hours, pension benefits definitely get weighed up more. You don’t particularly feel a need to contribute to conversation, and when you do you merely add facts and discuss issues currently featuring on the news. You know what kind of people you like and who you value as friends and it’s just not important to impress the ones you don’t like or don’t want in your life.

I’m not sure what your forties and fifties hold, but I suppose when you get there you’ll look back and even the perspective you have now would have changed… Which brings me to my ultimate conclusion that life is most certainly a path of growth. We will always learn new things, experience new emotions and have different viewpoints.