I shouldn’t

I shouldn’t write when I am angry, or hungry or upset
I shouldn’t let it worry me, I shouldn’t even fret

I should just breath and eat, go take a bath
Calm down and seek another path

I shouldn’t speak my mind for fear of words that will be said
I shouldn’t contemplate it, rather just get back into bed

I shouldn’t cry or laugh or give over to emotion
I should remind myself of love and trust and sincere devotion

I shouldn’t write when I am angry or hungry or upset
But writing makes it better and makes me forget to fret

Four little walls

Four little walls forming a room
Not very sunny filled with gloom

Four little walls trapping inside
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide

Four little walls the cause of so much rage
No words to read just an empty page

Four little walls with no secrets to bear
Silence deafening causing a tare

Four little walls with endless wait
No end in sight, too far off the gate

Four little walls slowly closing in
From this dream waiting to awaken

Four little walls not what they used to be
No more comfort or light to see