You are valued

People come into your life and sometimes they unexpectedly change it. Or the presence they hold in it means more than what you would have expected. I suppose we don’t always know the reasons we meet certain people. It might be life’s way to prepare us for all the different personalities that people have and the ones we might encounter.

It might be to prepare us for something better yet to come, or a situation where we would need certain skills or experiences to equip us with the knowledge to deal with whatever we have to.

But I’m sure there is always a reason. It’s a shame when good people enter someone’s life, adds value to it but are then unappreciated or under valued. It’s only once they are no longer a part of your life that you realize what they meant. I know someone that has been a supportive rock to more than one person, that added value, that added love, that added motivation and friendship…had nothing but good intentions and words. So sad that now when that person stands at the edge of difficulty the same support and emotions, words of motivation, understanding and care is not given back in return.

The loss of those qualities will sadly only be realized and missed long after it is gone.


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