Perfect Proverbs…almost

My 8 year old daughter came home with her workbook excited to show me her newest work… Proverbs…

As I went through the list I thought I just had to share her view on what needed to be filled in to complete the given proverbs 🙂

We must learn to walk… where we can see
His bark is worse than … his looks
Silence is … what we must do
It’s no use crying… when you are dying
Birds of a feather… can lay ten eggs
The apple doesn’t fall… because it’s stuck
The early bird… falls off the tree
Too many cooks…. and I won’t go hungry
A new broom… will fly away
In Rome you do… what they tell you to do
Better late… when you have an excuse
Empty vessels… holds the flowers
Many hands make… trouble
Tell the truth and… you’ll be fine
Knowledge is… a genius


Let’s hope she’ll learn the proper ones soon…lol


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