We all have those days where getting out of bed seems too hard, where we feel we can’t face the day…

We get hurt, emotionally scarred, betrayed, lied to. We go through hardship, death, depression, divorce,financial difficulties. Everything bad and hurtful, things that get us down, breaks our spirit, steals our confidence. I know of no one that has not experienced at least one of the above mentioned.

Does it however give us the right to use any of the above as an excuse? You can be a bad parent and blame it on divorce. You can refrain from commitment and blame it on heartbreak in a previous relationship. You can drink yourself into alcoholism and blame it on bad circumstances. You can insult and belittle and blame it on the anger you feel towards someone. You can be financially crippled and blame it on someone else’s spending. The list of excuses are endless.

Always aiming for tomorrow…tomorrow it will be better, in a month it will be better. Blaming people for where you find yourself in life… ” I do this because my mother did this, because he did that, she did this, they are doing that”…

At some point you have to realize that today is important. What you do now is important. Everything you do is your choice! No one can be the cause of it, no one can make you do it. If you aim only for “one day” you are going to miss out on all the days leading up to it, and it might never come because your perception of what is good might never be what you imagine.

Yes, life is difficult, and challenging and unfair…but it’s also beautiful, filled with love and possibilities. You have to decide if you are going to live a life riding on every excuse imaginable to explain away your actions, or inactions.

Yes, we all have those days where getting out of bed is difficult, but the choice is yours to get up and face the day. To smile, be a friend to others, care, smile, feel proud…take ownership of your actions, your words. Live a good life because one day when your days are at an end and you have a moment to reflect back, don’t let that moment be filled with sadness, don’t let that moment be filled with regret.

The choice is yours, live your life or live your past.