My Orange :)

“When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside. The same principal is true about you. When someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, what comes out is what is inside. if you don’t like what’s inside, you can change it by changing your thoughts.”

I just read the above and thought to myself, it’s so true. Some people upset you and anger you so much, your reactions and what comes “out” is not always something to be proud of.

Then I had another thought, or more a realization. My baby, my better half, significant other, whatever I call him… He is an orange, he is my orange. Yes, he has made mistakes, had bad judgment in the past, but not one person that knows him can honestly say he is not a good man with integrity. He has been dealt so many harsh blows, was judged for his decisions. But never once has that made him react in any way that he could not be proud of. He doesn’t speak ill of people and doesn’t judge. He is trustworthy and loving. He has a good heart and truly wishes the best for everyone.

My girls are blessed to have him in their lives and his kids are so proud to call him dad. He is definitely our orange, because when squeezed we are always guaranteed orange juice.

Love you so much!!


I am

I am but a whisper, a silent breeze, floating freely. Ten thousand tiny lights move in and out, a kaleidoscope of brilliance and beauty.

I enlighten the soul, carve etchings of words onto the heart. I leave my silent mark. Once my touch has been felt it is remembered.

I am craving and I am lust. I intertwine with feelings of friendship, with soft spoken words, intangible thoughts and feelings.

I uplift, I overwhelm, I care freely. I am abundant and filled with joy. I’m soft raindrops against a window, a meadow filled with Spring blooms.

I hold no value for monetary things, I have no need for gifts. I fill an empty space, join together broken bonds, mend fractured souls, give life.

I sing and I am music to all.

I am LOVE.

The Barney Debate

Barney, who does not know the purple dinosaur with green spots. I remember back before I had kids I, like thousands to come after me, vowed that my kids will not watch Barney or whatever other silly children’s program. Then you get married, the kids are born. They get difficult, someone suggests Barney (which by the way does make them almost catatonic when they watch it) and in a very sudden lapse of judgment, you find yourself standing in front of the Barney dvd’s and selecting one for your little bundle of joy.

This marks the moment where you are forever ruined. “I love you” will never again hold quite the same association… Nope, you’ll forever more hum it as a song… A Barney song!!!

When eventually the phase passes and the kids are done with watching Barney, you feel a sense of sanity returning and think all is well again with the world. Don’t be fooled!! The second Barney comes on TV at a friends, or can even just be heard softly somewhere in the background, all the songs come rushing back… You remember every word, and the sickening impulse to sing along is so overpowering making you realize… Barney never leaves you!

I’m convinced it is subliminal messaging 🙂 What else could it possibly be? Lol

I love you… You love me… La la la la la la la ( I know you sang it 🙂 )

I’m only human

I’m only human… How many times have you heard that saying before, or even used it? It’s a very convenient phrase to use. When you fall short of something, lack a skill, responsibility.

It is in itself quite a silly phrase if you think about it. “I’m only human” as opposed to what? Are you a monkey in addition to being human? Or perhaps something else? Hmmm 🙂