Day One

Today I officially start work. I have been a stay at home mom for so many years, but as a divorced mom of two the time has come to enter the work force.

I hardly slept this week stressed out about the new people, my girls having to adapt going to aftercare and so on. This morning when I woke up I rushed to get the girls ready for school and get myself to work on time so I didn’t have much time to spend stressing about the events of the upcoming day.

At least I arrived on time, was greeted by an array of very friendly faces and had a good cup of coffee. :). So now I’m sitting at my new desk with the lovely receptionist getting my stationary sorted, waiting to go into my first meeting.

I’m so relieved! Feel so comfortable with all the friendly people around me and looking forward to a very exciting first day and very many possibilities to follow 🙂