Car alarms… Maybe it’s just here in South Africa, but when we hear a car alarm go off, we are anything but alarmed. I suppose it serves more as a deterrence than an actual theft proofing system.

Typical Murphy’s Law, as we snuggle in bed after an exhausting day, some or other neighbor’s car alarm goes off. Normally we wouldn’t be fased, but this one was very strange. The pitch got higher and higher and faster and faster.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought the car was taking off. Definitely sounded like it was launching itself into space. After it finally stopped, I thought “ok, so maybe it did take off”, and went to bed. Sipping on my morning coffee it was definitely confirmed that it had indeed not launched itself into space as the alarm sounded again, waking the late weekend sleepers…

Sigh, I wish it had rather taken off…most annoying alarm ever.