Daily Coffee


I woke up this morning rushing to get the girls up and everything ready for the day.  Normally I would prepare most things needed the night before, but between a quick visit and coffee with a friend, a game of squash with my love and a visit with family after, we ended up having a late night. To add to the chaos my daughter forgot her school uniform at aftercare and we had to go and fetch it from the very accommodating lady late last night.  We finally had a very very late supper and a glass or two of wine which I was hoping would ensure some good and well needed sleep.

My friend advised me that clearing your mind and thinking of a white wall is a good way to get to sleep, and I tried… I really did… white wall, white wall, white wall.. to no avail. After what felt like hours I finally fell asleep just to wake up with my alarm sounding almost instantly 😦

So whilst rushing to get ready all I could think about is how desperately I craved coffee, and needed it.  I eventually had a quick moment to make a cup but had hardly any time to drink it. Safe to say I felt grumpy  and annoyed that I could not wake up and sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy it.  I realized on my way to work that my morning coffee is undoubtedly a necessity. My youngest daughter is very much like me and has to start her day off gently, if not she is moody the entire day. Well I feel moody, yes it’s very much “trowing-a tantrum” like behavior, but I do.

I’m having a rough time trying to uplift my deprived-of-morning-coffee mood. These are the moments i wish my dad still woke up at the crack of dawn, made us all coffee, and came and woke us up for school. Sigh, the disadvantages of no longer living with your parents 😉