Peanut Butter yummyness..

I’m so grateful that I do not have a peanut allergy!! With my cravings for all things sweet and yummy, I suffered through terrible bouts of cravings for anything peanut buttery and delicious last week. Trying to loose a few kilograms for the upcoming wedding I have to attend, I did try to not give in.

I did try! Even if it was ever so briefly, I did try! I ended up starting with just a single glorious toastie with peanut butter and chocolate chips, yummilicious!!! I really hoped that would do it, sigh, but in the days following my first indulgence it went from bad to worse.

I had a few super delicious peanut butter milkshakes with some added banana which lead to me craving peanut butter and banana on crisp warm toast. Which I subsequently indulged in.

I suppose reading every peanut butter recipe I could possibly find last week might have added to my insatiable cravings. Sigh, so after all that I’m still very much in the mood for anything containing peanut buttery deliciousness!!!


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