Safe Travels

My daughter is leaving today to go on a choir camp. Last night we rushed back and forth packing all her things and I had to sew the ginormous skirt she was provided smaller. As I ticked of the items on her check list I kept thinking I don’t want her to go 😦

It’s far from home and the bus trip will take a few hours. I’m super stressed about the trip, if she’ll have enough snacks for on the bus, if she’ll remember to stay hydrated, if she’ll be warm enough… Then there is the added stress of wet roads and rainy weather. She was also not allowed to take her cellphone so I can’t even check in frequently.

Sigh, I ended up getting almost no sleep last night, almost cried having to say good bye this morning and I’m left with the feeling that I didn’t get enough hugs or kisses.

I know everyone says it will be fine, she’ll be fine… But it really doesn’t do much to soothe my worry. I’m looking forward to Saturday when she returns. This will be the longest she will be so far away from me 😦

Safe Travels my girl!! Kisses all over xxx