I saw it!!! … with my own eyes

I’m just sitting thinking now… Why do people say ” I saw it with my own eyes” ?? I mean, don’t you always by default see things with your own eyes? Or did someone previously pop into your body momentarily to see something with your eyes and now you feel the need to mention you are seeing things with your own eyes again? πŸ™‚

I wonder where the saying originated from. Surely it must have been justified by a situation where someone did indeed see things with someone else’s eyes and then saw things again with their own… Or vise versa…

Maybe it is just a powerful tool used to convince the skeptic people that would not believe you otherwise lol

Anyway… Was just thinking about that, I’m so super intellectual this morning, bwhahaha πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “I saw it!!! … with my own eyes

  1. It is easy to see through others’ eyes – when you go along with the flow, doing and thinking how your parents have led the way, or your teachers, or the media or the establishment. But when you become truly aware about how things in the world really are – you are seeing with new eyes – like a Christian perhaps when they say they are born again or a physicist when they finally understand an exceptionally hard problem and theory becomes fact – so your inner eye is opened and you see things anew and unfiltered by the rose-tinted glass! That to me, is what it is to finally see something “with your own eyes”

    ❀ Xx Laura xX ❀


  2. I would assume that ‘seeing with your own eyes’ is a confirmation to a claim made. When one says ‘I saw it with my own eyes’– simply it is implying that rather than hearing or reading about it; one indeed witnessed the act. It is a doubt eliminator, reinforcing the truth in a way. Interesting idea πŸ™‚


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