From Sushi to salted caramel

On Tuesday night we had our book club end of year dinner at my friend Andra’s house. She is an amazing hostess and anything held there is always guaranteed to be absolutely fabulous!

With the food being a surprise and promises of great dessert, I so looked forward to the evening. So after filling a glass with some very matured glorious red wine, I went to have a peep at the table…

Heaven!! Sushi for starters!!! I felt as excited as Charlie in a chocolate factory. Andra’s brother owns Bella Belotta, a restaurant in Wellington Road Durbanville, and they make the most amazing sushi! One of my favorites, the Jerry special is a must have. What I also love about their sushi is that the pieces are bite size… Still a mouth full of sushi gloriousness, but not chipmunk mouthfuls 🙂 I love that!

So after having way too much sushi, we had gourmet burgers for a main and then the dessert. Oh my chocolate happiness, she made salted caramel and chocolate genache with chocolate dirt and a salted caramel macaroon on vanilla mascarpone … Yummmilicious – big BIG GRINN 🙂

I was in heaven!! What a great night with the girls. Thank you my friend!!! It was absolutely amazing!! xxx