The Tree

Imagine a tree… A beautiful big evergreen tree with stretched out branches standing alone on a hilltop. In complete solitude surrounded only by endless fields as far as the eye can see.

As the seasons change the tree slowly grows, losing a few leaves with age, it’s bark growing thicker. Children sit in it’s shade and play in it’s branches. It’s swayed by the wind but remains firmly rooted and can not be harmed by the strongest cross winds. Where it gets bruised it tries to heal itself with sap.

Through all the changes the tree grows, it’s filled with marks and scars, each one holds it’s own story. With time the tree changes, branches break off, and new ones grow in their place. The essence of the tree never changes, only it’s appearance changes.

It makes no difference how many children play around it, or how many people rest in it’s shade, they are only just visitors to the landscape and see the tree as their temporary comfort. in the end, the tree remains standing in solitude on the hill.

I feel like that tree. Expected to change but unable because I’m so deeply rooted in my views an moral standings, so what can change is in appearance only but not in essence. Trying to provide shelter and comfort only to be used as a temporary measure. Not easily hurt by mild setbacks, unmoved by the “cross winds”, but damaged and left with scars. Surrounded by people that will never look up and realize the “shade” I provide for them. And in the end, standing alone in a beautiful landscape, but nevertheless alone.


3 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Until, another tree takes root nearby and too puts its roots firmly into the earth and alongside that tree, grows and provides shelter and is marked, scarred and yet useful and steadfast.

    Separate, but not alone.

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