Rather parent a fish then

Being a parent is a privilege. It’s also mostly a conscious choice. Granted there are unwanted pregnancies that occur, but in most cases when you reach a certain point in your life, you and your partner consciously decide to have children.

As parents we have rights, the right to choose for our children when they are younger. The right to discipline them when needed etc… But we also have responsibilities.

The responsibility to clothe them. To see to it that they are properly fed, to give them a home that is safe and clean. To ensure they are emotionally stable. To teach them respect and proper behavior.

There is a thin line between rights and responsibilities, and many blurred patches that can make it challenging. But fundamentally I believe if you chose to be a parent you have to act like one and take on the responsibilities that go with it.

Life is not fair, it is not always easy. There are many challenges to face. You can’t however forgo your responsibility as a parent purely because you are going through a difficult time. I have been depressed and I know people that also go through their own turmoils, but we get up, feed our children, take them to school, smile and kiss them and make sure to be there when they need us. We don’t have the luxury to drink ourselves drunk and sleep our days away. We don’t skip meals because it’s too much effort to make our children lunch. We don’t swear and speak ill of people in front of our children because we feel like venting at the most inappropriate moments with no regard for what falls on little ears. We don’t do it because we are first and foremost parents.

We don’t have the luxury of doing the “parent thing” only when we feel like it. Our children are children, not an occasional hobby, or a fish that needs food and clean water every other day. Not a fashion accessory that is seasonal….no, they are children, precious, irreplaceable.

It’s a very sad fact that the world is filled with so many parents that should never have had children in the first place, they should have rather opted for fish, perhaps they could manage that responsibility.

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