Home sweet home

HOme sweet home

Wow, i can’t believe i last blogged in June. This year has whizzed by. It seems most of May till July has been a bit of a blur. We have had so many changes in our family. New house, new puppy, all with it’s own challenges. The new house has been a big one. After a very eventful and exciting Christmas, we happened on a little add for a little house for sale, that we thought seemed a little interesting… the rest is now history mixed up somewhere in the blur.

Our house hunting needs were great, we needed 5 bedrooms to accommodate all the kids and definitely needed a bigger kitchen. So we get to this house.. run down and grimy and all we see is potential 🙂 I must say not a lot of people could see it, but we had a plan… So we put in an offer, and wha la– home owners.

The exciting bit was something very far in the future as we knew we had to build one or 2 walls, convert 2 rooms and revamp what we were left with. It was a hectic start to a very exciting end that is still looming closer but not quite reached yet. We worked every night for weeks to get it habitable. This is no joke, when we moved in the house was left in such a grimy mess it had a few self sustaining Eco systems of it’s own. But a few bottles of bleach and lots of scrubbing and it looked a little better.

Just before we moved we got a new puppy and added that in the mix. Between the training and the constant playing there was much to adjust to :). Between renovations, the kids and Lilly (the pup) we have been super busy. It’s been really challenging. Around every corner we saw something new that had to be fixed or revamped. Definitely our little house of horrors. I must say we have done a surprising amount of work and it has completely transformed the previously old, grimy, dated house into a little place we now call home. 🙂

We still have lots to do, but in time it will get done. i will post some before and after pics of the transformation soon 🙂


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