On those days


On the days were your friends fight and argue with you
The in between feelings where you are sad and blue
On days where your homework feels a little too much
With no time for tasks or guitar practice or such
On days where your hair just does not play along
And the words you sing are false in every song
On days where your heart has been broken by a boy
And you are crying and sad and have no joy
On days where you are moody and cross for no reason
And not matter the weather you just hate the season

Remember I’m here…
To teach you to deal with your friends and your foes
And listen to your worries and woes
To remind you there is enough time in your day
for study and practice and to play
To listen to your songs whatever the tune
And dance around like a silly baboon
To remind you that hearts are sometimes broken
And to never lash out at others with harsh words spoken
To teach you that to be grumpy is sometimes okay
and tell you taking it out on others is not the way

Above all just remember this
I’m always here for a cuddle or a kiss
Or a tickle or a squeeze or a hug
Or to tuck you into bed all snug

Love you girls xxxx

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