Then there was one…


It is strange how you can be surrounded by people who know you, no, rather people who think they know you,  but they don’t get it.

They “care” and they “love” you… Hmmm

Today was significant, it was or should have been. Just a day like any other, to everyone that “knows” you. To everyone that “loves” you. But if those people took a second to think of anyone other than themselves for a minute, to not be consumed with how you treat them for once, but consider how their actions directly affect you, then they would realise today was significant.

It is usually the “nice” people..the water off a duck’s back people, the “I don’t judge and love all and would never care if you did this or that” people … The ones that are so preoccupied in constantly reminding you of how difficult or judgemetal you are, it is those people… That miss when things actually mean something to you

They are so busy being perfect and nice and likeable, and believe themselves when they say they don’t judge and wouldn’t do whatever or is never affected by whatever that they have become numb..Numb and judgemental and incapable of even trying to understand anyone that acts in any other way that is out of their scope of “normal”

You are judged and made to feel you are always wrong..and end up with days that are significant, but that will never be noticed by the all consumed “all about everyone else but actually all about me” people.


Well today was significant

Out of all the people only one person knew, only one person gave comfort, one person that was not the closest relative, not bestest friend, not closest confidant… No… But that one person with perceptive, that looked beyond everything and gave comforting words and support.

Today was uniquely significant for me… And I will never forget this person,  and I will never forget the rest who did not for a split second even consider the possibility that it could have been a significant day..

I will remember when words were needed most, she was there and everyone else were perfect and judgemental as they usually are.


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