Xenophobia – South Africa burning

Xenopobia Durban

What is Humanity? The definition of humanity is the entire human race or the characteristics that belong uniquely to human beings, such as kindness, mercy and sympathy.

It is said that we as humans are the most advanced species to ever inhabit this planet. We are the only species to have the ability to escape extinction. We have the potential to do great things, to develop, evolve…
What is Xenophobia? It is the deep-rooted, irrational hatred towards foreigners or that which is seen as foreign or strange.

Countries consist of different groups of people, uniformed by the ties between the qualities of all races and ethnicity. Grown by the skills handed down by foreign nationals and citizens alike. What is a country if not an interweaved network of a combination of all of these. Is there any one country consisting of one and only one race or tribe or ethnicity?

I’m ashamed of calling myself a South African today. I form part of a country filled with a multitude of races. I form part of a country where the very definition of Humanity is obliterated by the blood shed daily, the hatred shown and the complete disregard for human lives. With the recent Xenophobic attacks going on in Durban, threats in Johannesburg, how can we call ourselves human?

Why would you let the irrational fear of someone or something foreign let you destroy their homes, burn down their livelihoods, shoot their innocent children.

Kindness, mercy, sympathy… this makes us human.. this is the definition of humanity.

This is my message to you… you the selfish, the hateful, the Xenophobic attackers…

With your faces distorted by hatred, your hands filled with the blood of innocent others, you are worthless, you are worthless to anyone or anything forming part of humanity.
You have removed yourselves from this group when you smiled upon the faces filled with agony when you broke their bones. The ones you left dying.

You have excuses lined up for your actions, you are unsuccessful and therefore feel insulted and humiliated. You are powerless and therefore need to attack others to feel more empowered. You feel no sense of true identity and therefore need to destroy others to establish an identity and sense of belonging. You are uneducated and need to rid yourselves of anyone on a higher level of education.

Maybe you should consider why any of the above emotions originate.

You are unsuccessful because you want a job given to you with a salary, free home and free utilities, unlike the foreigners that you kill so easily that actually look for work, and when they have secured employment they work hard, they show up and they are respected. They don’t wait for everything to fall into their laps.

Oh and on the topic of things falling into laps… You get electricity for free… yet you plunder and steal the cables not only in affluent areas, but in your OWN areas leaving YOUR people in darkness.
You claim that lack of education leads to crime and to your actions, yet you burn down your OWN schools where your children are given FREE education. You smash the windows, steal the copper pipes leaving YOUR kids without schools or proper toilets.

You live in shacks… because when the government gives FREE housing to YOUR people, you threaten them and make them live in fear as it is seen as unfair because YOU did not get the housing first. You rape and kill babies frequently in YOUR neighborhoods making the YOUR community live in fear, having complete disregard for YOUR people.

Most of the foreign nationals who had shops burned down created employment for YOU. They sell things to others which they bought in bulk or crafted. The only things you sell to other people are the things you managed to STEAL because heaven forbid you actually had to work and make it.

You are the hated, you are the disrespected, you are the “foreign” nationals… you are the ones that do not belong here or anywhere. You cannot even call yourselves human as you do not hold any qualities that can define you as forming part of humanity.

Humanity is being able to ignore the natural you come first instinct.

It is to feel hurt, pain, sympathy. To have understanding, compassion and love for others. It is to show mercy. It is accepting others for who they are.

You are a disgrace to ALL South Africans. I will gladly care for the wounded foreign national that works hard and contributes towards the network and fiber of this country. I will call them brothers…

I call you cowards.


2 thoughts on “Xenophobia – South Africa burning

  1. I agree with you. I am ashamed to be called a South African. One would imagine that with our history of Apartheid that we would learn to be more tolerant of other races etc, So very sad.

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