Puddles… What a day. I wish I could blame the tea, but after two consecutive nights of very bad sleep I just could not get myself to sip on anything other than coffee.

I had a ginormous cup of the glorious green monster yesterday morning but it left me feeling a little weak and shaky so I opted for a break.

It’s strange that a small task like writing a letter or meeting with someone can evoke such a stressful feeling in oneself. Sigh… Glad today has come and gone. It wasn’t chalenging, did not pose to stimulate large quantities of mental application, but it was super difficult to say the least.

Like I said, puddles.. I feel like a puddle of emotions all squished together.  I have come to believe that the human body has not been designed to experience so many different emotions all at once. And I’m a women, we are basically all emotion anyway, but there is a limit…definitely.

My mom has just completed a part time human resources course and missed her distinction with 1%. I feel so proud.. Another emotion to add to the already overflowing bag. Excited to go home and see my oh-so-gorgeous other half… sad to leave work…happy that the coffee is nice and sugary…unhappy because I scoffed a bag and a half of chips….delighted that I left half a bag of chips without finishing it… Unsettled because I have so much to do…accomplished because I managed to do tons today…

Puddles I tell you.. Big sigh. Definitely going to go sip on a glass of red ruby deliciousness.

Tomorrow is another day…


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