My bed seems like a dark hole, luring me closer with whispers of pleasant sleep. Promises of beautiful dreams and blissful places. It calls my name in soft murmered notes…wanting to ensnare me.

I follow and walk in empty footsteps closer to a dark pit of doom. I have been there before…in the space between happiness and sorrow. Wrapped in the soft warm sheets with my head resting on a pillow dampened by tears of sorrow.

The safety and warmth of the soft smells keep me comfortably trapped. It has been too long, it will be even longer. My name is whispered again, resistance would be invain.

I nestle myself deeper under thick blankets in disrepair. I can hear the rain falling outside, I can smell the fresh spring air. It is not enough to get me to leave my bed… It is whispering my name and I am hearing it’s call.


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