Miss you puppy…


Sleep has always been a challenge for me… I just have not gotten the whole “shut down and go to bed” thing down. It could just be due to a combination of over tiredness, the stress of my baby not arriving when I want her to or the bad blow up bed we are stuck with for the moment.

I just so miss my doggy.. I know, I know…just a dog. But she is so much more. I have such a desperate need to squish her face and feel her fluffiness against me.  Sigh, immigration is already so challenging and expensive, bringing pets over is ridiculously expensive.

My boss just got a new puppy, feeling very fragile I avoided all puppy talk and when everyone got excited I made a quick exit. It’s just so difficult when you miss a pet sooo very much, especially when they are like your baby.

Soo wish Lily could be here, sneaking onto the bed so that I can cuddle and feel her softness and unconditional love.


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