3 Creative things I can’t go without.



I love LOVE so many creative things that it is hard to decide which rank higher than others.

My first love… Canvas without a doubt. I love painting, I don’t have much talent and just mess around, but I adore it.  Oil on canvas remains my favorite, with acrylic short on it’s heels. I haven’t painted anything that required great effort on my part in a while.  Recently I dabbled around with some kids art and some funny cows but nothing worth jumping for joy.  It was purely for the fun of it.  I have several blank canvasses waiting to be covered in glorious bouts of inspiration and color.

My second love…I have a new found interest is digital design, and working on some ideas. Hopefully I can get my hand on a digital drawing pad and express away… sigh.. would be bliss.  I think it might just grow to be my new favorite but will have to see. I do love the traditional way of pencil to paper .I love how my pencil feels over a rough paper surface and the sound that creates as I apply it. Then there is the smell of paper and all things papery and beautiful. But for now, I am looking forward on my new venture of digital expression, so will share those mishaps eventually 🙂

My third love…There is something soothing and at the same time exciting about fabric.  I feel the same way about fabric as I do about paper and canvas.  The designs that speak to you and create an explosion of excitement when your mind gets flooded by all that you wish to create and make out of it.  I have just found the most exciting online fabric supplier.  Clicking on image after image all I want to do is order, and get my hands on as many of the beautiful designs as I possibly could.  Sigh, I need to win the lotto.. fabric is so not in my budget lol.

It definitely lifts my mood when I can play around with all the things I love.  I’m counting the days till my sewing machines arrive and till the day I can go buy my drawing tab.  It will be most exciting and enjoyable.



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