Not so little princess

My youngest daughter came home today announcing she was chosen for class monitor, she is also a student tutor to her peers, just started her own paper run for extra pocket money and was telling me how she will be saving most of it for Uni. She is super diligent and thoughtful.
The last few weeks have been manic for my husband and I with busy work days, late nights and 4 busy teenagers. I came home one night dredding the mount of washing that was waiting just to find my youngest had folded it all for me. 

Tonight she tagged along to hospital as I went to visit a sick husband and chatting away I realised how much she has grown and how truly independent she has become. Some volunteer staff from St John’s popped in and she was chatting away and being a real little social butterfly. After coming home and feeling exhausted I was spoilt with a cup of coffee. Sitting in bed catching up on work with her sitting next to me reading her book was just so nice.

I was dreading sleeping alone, but she has fallen fast asleep and I’m enjoying the calmest moment I have had today with her snoring away next to me. Seeing those long legs sticking out under the duvet I realise she is not so little anymore, that little princess is growing up way too fast. 

For now I’ll just sit here and enjoy her soft snoring 😴 

It’s been a while…

3 months to be exact, that’s if I believe my blog stats…I haven’t posted in a while not for a lack of words but a lack of time. 
Words never leave me. They always seem to fill my mind at night when I need them to be silent so that I can get some sleep. I don’t verbalise my thoughts to most people during my day, therefore my husband suffers with my ranting at the end of it. He hears all the words I selectively voice in my mind throughout my day and that I can only utter to him for understanding.

Words are so powerful, careful consideration should be given before letting them loose. I work in customer support and had a recent week filled with lashings from customers and service providers, worse of which was a swearing session directed at me about me wasting someone’s time after giving them a friendly call to update details that would only reflect good on them.

It’s moments like those where you question how a basic friendly answer is beyond some people and how little they care about the way they speak to another person.

One thing I have learned in the last year is that it takes more of you to be selective in your choice of words but you walk away with it knowing you have integrity and that you do not have to feel ashamed of how you treat other people. 

To some it’s not what you do that matters, it’s what you don’t do. Words come easy to them and leave them just as easily.

Last night my husband and I had a late night coming home and went to get take out for the kids for dinner. We were exhausted and just wanted to get home. The place we went to had a sudden rush of people and limited staff resulting in us waiting really long.

The staff were clearly swamped but friendly to everyone including irate customers. Leaving with melted slushies for the kids we were just happy to have been served.

Upon arriving home we noted we were given some free dessert for our wait. If anything I was just greatful for the friendly service. Words and how you treat people are so important. It teaches us not only about people but about ourselves.