Not so little princess

My youngest daughter came home today announcing she was chosen for class monitor, she is also a student tutor to her peers, just started her own paper run for extra pocket money and was telling me how she will be saving most of it for Uni. She is super diligent and thoughtful.
The last few weeks have been manic for my husband and I with busy work days, late nights and 4 busy teenagers. I came home one night dredding the mount of washing that was waiting just to find my youngest had folded it all for me. 

Tonight she tagged along to hospital as I went to visit a sick husband and chatting away I realised how much she has grown and how truly independent she has become. Some volunteer staff from St John’s popped in and she was chatting away and being a real little social butterfly. After coming home and feeling exhausted I was spoilt with a cup of coffee. Sitting in bed catching up on work with her sitting next to me reading her book was just so nice.

I was dreading sleeping alone, but she has fallen fast asleep and I’m enjoying the calmest moment I have had today with her snoring away next to me. Seeing those long legs sticking out under the duvet I realise she is not so little anymore, that little princess is growing up way too fast. 

For now I’ll just sit here and enjoy her soft snoring 😴 

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