I have had a great day…
One thing I can’t shake is the lady I met this morning.  I don’t know her name but I will not forget her sad face.

We met in the middle of the street…

My husband and I went to our additional job super early. I hate it, I hate having to get up early every Saturday..no chance to sleep in, tired,not in the mood… Arriving at work we saw her, sitting in the middle of the road.

My husband pulled over and we went to her to see what was wrong. “She fell”.. the guy standing by her said. I hunched next to her and asked what was wrong.  She was crying.

I remember thinking how she smelled like a baby, baby powder or talc, freshly washed hair, her skin freezing cold as I put my arm around her. It’s winter, it’s cold. I was freezing and I thought she must be so cold.

Asking her again, what’s wrong? Why are you in the middle of the road? 

“he left me..”… Sobbing

I asked her if we could take her somewhere and she said “I have nowhere to go”

I could see she was either homeless or very poor. She got up, said she’d be ok and walked to the side walk.

My husband and I left, my heart felt heavy. We got her a hot chocolate and a chocolate fish and went back to give it to her.. As we hugged, she sobbed and her eyes were filled with tears and heartbreakingly sad.

We left, finished off at work and carried on with our day. Our day of taking the girls for haircuts, taking our eldest daughter to have her hair done for ball. Making lunch, dinner….having a glass of wine.

And through it all I am haunted by her..her sad face. How quickly we get fed up and ungrateful. I am surrounded by people I love, have a nice house, have dinner and can give my kids what they need… This women has very little, was left by someone she loves , has no home.

I feel so sad thinking about her and her heartbreak. Her day started with tears, cold and alone..  And mine started with me resenting my early morning.

I had a great day, I have no doubt she had an awful one. I hope her heart is somewhat soothed and I hope she has a warm place to stay. She won’t leave my thoughts anytime soon, and the thought of what she is going through will make me reflect on my own ungratefulness.

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