Starting over is a challenge but what is most frustrating is the feeling of too little time.

When I sit down and think of all we still need to get done. We aren’t that young anymore…I have been losing sleep over time.

I calculate the time from now required to save up enough for a deposit on a house.. then the time required to pay that house of… time needed to learn new job skills… time needed to progress in our jobs…

All things that take time.. time I feel we just don’t have enough of. I am not ungrateful, I’m just conscious of time.

Time makes you money driven.. we need more of it and sooner rather than later… or we need extra time to do other things to earn more money…. time ticking away… not too much of it left before we have a daughter of to Uni… not much more then 3 more off to Uni…

Sigh… feeling a little frustrated here.

Really wish we could slow down the clock a bit and have a little more time to get everything done.  Having a sense of time flying by has become all too dreadful .

56 days till Christmas …
63 days till 2018

Tick tock…


One thought on “Time…

  1. Calm down! Time is flying even if we are not having fun……But I guess when we were young we didn’t have a concept of time. As adults we realise how important the concept of time is? And we look at if we have achieved anything spectacular. Great, thanks for making me thi k about that! Cheers,H


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