I can’t remember when I started my blog, 2007 I think. I took some time to reflect on past posts. I don’t think I have ever gone back to read what I have written, but today I did.

What a journey! I went to pick up our passports this morning and opening it up to see our residency visas in there left me a little emotional. Finally they were there… it was a beautiful sight.

I have felt so much lighter since we received the news but today was special and best of all they were issued on my birthday!

We have a challenging year ahead, but I am so excited about the new challenges! Reading some old posts, I realise the journey I have been on. It’s been a challenging one. It has also been a good one.

One of healing, new beginnings, new adventures.

All the toxic people inflicting hurt now gone. My fur baby safe and sound with me. My girls safe and happy. My husband my biggest supporter. I have even taken the first steps confiding in people I hold in high regard and have a sense of trust. I don’t have new friends yet, but have relationships I now feel confident that I can develop.

It’s a good feeling. Looking forward to this year.


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