Be Kind

The one thing I have always told my girls, is first of all be kind.

There might possibly be several other emotions you feel or express, but just start with the basics… be kind. Think before you speak…is it true, is it helpful, is it inspiring, is it nessesary…is it kind.

First encounters when we meet people or interact with others, the guy helping at the store or a colleague at work…be kind.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. It can be as simple as a bad night of sleep, a family member passing. We don’t know what rages on in others. Contribute to improving their day, not adding to their burden.

I was recently reminded of the quote in the image above… someone asked me ‘what has changed’… after much thought and trying to pin point what it was that was feeling like such a tremendous burden, I realised that nothing has changed other than how I felt about something.

The impact of a simple action can change how we feel and make it difficult to navigate back to our previous state of being.

People have such a profound impact on our life with how they make us feel. We have so much power, we can encourage and mentor and celebrate together. Why are there those who need to constantly critisise, find fault and discourage? It is sad that relationships fall in the path of their impossible personalities.