Sensory bliss

My husband says I have ‘spidey senses’ when it comes to my sense of smell. I usually sniff out most things before anyone else does. But it is something I love. I identify people by their smell and can sit and just emerce myself in the amazing fragrances around me. From people’s body lotion, to washing powder or fragrance…it’s my most favorite. It comes with draw backs as not everyone smells equally pleasant 😊.

I also love textures. Fabric of couches, paintings, clothing. I want to trace the lines with my fingers and feel the roughness or smoothness of everything.

I know, it’s weird, but it is just the way I take in the world around me.

Tonight we opened a bottle of my most favorite Chardonnay.. the first sip was just magical. Buttery with smells of toasty oak and deliciousness! It instantly put me in my happy place. It’s like goosebumps when someone slowly runs their finger across your arm. Just so amazing.

I just find the world so much more colourful when I give in to everything that tantalizes my senses.

So as I slip between my super amazing feeling cotton sheets, with a glass of aromatic wine, smelling the faint smells of perfume as the girls pop in to say goodnight, I feel satisfyingly stimulated in my sensory bliss.

Find your Fire

My two year work anniversary has come and gone. It could as well be a lifetime for my personality. I thought I might celebrate, but due to a few moving pieces on the day, it was best left as a silent celebration. I always reflect back (too much) and review… assess… and change. I firmly believe in the phrase, you can’t expect different results if you keep doing the same thing. You have to keep taking steps forward, you have to evolve, you have to challenge your limits, you have to seek adventure.

In a conversation I had over the weekend with my I-will-conquer-and-save-the-planet-daughter, she asked me…”but Mommy, does it spark joy?” A little ‘Marie Kondo’, but it did get me thinking. Life is too short to waste, too short to wait. Time is valuable, every minute counts.

Go out and do what you love, immerse yourself in whatever inspires you. Feed your sole. Have those conversations you are putting off. Read poetry, listen to the music that makes you dance. Kiss that boy, buy that dress.

All we have is now, so we should make sure it sparks joy, or move to something that does.