Life does not always give you lemons


Who we are is how we lead

I’ve been told…. You can’t worry about everyone….Choose your battles….Focus on what you need to focus on….

I do care, about people, about fairness, about what is right. What I think and feel align with my core values. It will always be people first, then process, then productivity. I realise more and more that I cannot change that.

So I suppose I will fail as I don’t focus on what I need to, I don’t only care about those I ‘have’ to. And yes, I can’t save the world. But I can try.

Looking back, I have fought.. for fairness, for equal opportunity, for what is right and for so many people. It’s invisible and these pursuits will never be known, but in my heart, I know that my weakness of ‘caring too much’ made a difference for some.

Give yourself 15 minutes

A phrase I often use with my girls… give yourself 15 min, and then let it go and move on.

We are so easily consumed by things that steal our time… things outside of our control. Upsetting things, difficult people. Getting lost in the emotions some of these situations evoke is all too easy.

I often tell my girls, ‘don’t let it steal your time’. Don’t allow these inconsequential things to upset you and steal away time that you sit stewing over it, upset. So give yourself 15 min, go sit and mope, cry, vent, feel extreme anger, be upset, be irrational…and then get up, shake it off and move on.

I know it seems way too short, we need time to work through things. To think it through, to be upset. But there are so many things that can rob of us happier moments, spent outside of that anger and frustration.

If whatever upsets you will not have an impact on your life in 5 years from now…why let it steal more than 5 min of your time?

And sometimes, I need a little reminder for myself… give yourself 15 min, don’t let it steal your time…