Sleep…not so much

It’s said that sleep is the one thing you cannot catch up on once lost… If that is the case, and beauty sleep is something I definitely need lots of, then I have found the reason behind my saggy eyes, dull skin and questionable mood.

I don’t often sleep well and mostly have a bad night. On rare occasion I’ll sleep an entire night without waking, but as I said… on rare occasion. I wonder if getting less good quality sleep can shorten your lifespan?? Hmmmm definitely something well worth googling.

I have no problems with having a shorter than usual lifespan, but for the moment I would enjoy at least four out of seven nights of good sleep… Sigh

And then of course with very little sleep you are predisposed to so many other ailments… Annoyance and weird food cravings ranking quite high on my list… So feeling super annoyed at the moment and craving anything and everything that I can not possibly find within my grasp, it seems a very long night ahead. Big sigh…

Sensual Satisfying

Fill a bath with steamy hot water, add a few bubbles, light a few candles and instantly you feel blissfully happy. Well at least that is the effect it has on me. I must just add that some wonderfully glorious vanilla shimmering bath salts and gloriously delicious chocolate bath wash definitely adds more bliss to the experience! I love taking a long soak in a steamy hot bath that leaves my skin tingly and feeling vibrantly alive.

There are scientific facts stating the benefits of taking a bath, baths seem to temporarily stimulate blood circulation and may help to reduce swelling and pain. It also helps you relax if you’re anxious or tense. The drop in body temperature after the bath may help those who can’t sleep.

Your skin will undoubtedly thank you. Bathing in warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving you soft and supple. Bathing actually lowers blood pressure. Your body will relax and your mind has a chance to wander, leaving the stress of the day behind and filling itself with relaxing sensual thoughts. You’ll also smell fantastically fabulous!! You will also finally have some time alone. You can literally close the door on the outside world and disappear.

Who wouldn’t like to indulge in any one of these wonderful benefits, and besides, It’s wonderfully sensual. Add a few vanilla and chocolate scented candles and it makes a perfect treat!

I love that lovely flush I get from all that steam and warmth, and with a fabulously rich and soothing chocolate body butter to rub onto my skin afterwards. I feel deliciously happy, shimmering and smelling nice enough to lick myself 😉 lol

Hope you all go and enjoy a soothing, steamingly delicious and relaxing bath to kick off your week!

Add some Sparkle to your wine ;)

Living so close to the Stellenbosch winelands, my husband and I decided to do a bit of wine tasting with some friends recently. On the top of our list was undoubtedly JC Le Roux. The House of JC Le Roux is a well known Sparkling wine producer in the picturesque Devon Valley near Stellenbosch.

We heard that they do a fantastic nougat tasting, and anything that includes a bit of bubbly and chocolate is a definite must in my books 😉 especially when it includes five exquisite J.C. Le Roux Cap Classique and sparkling wines!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the beautiful venue filled with natural light and surrounded my the majestic mountains and glorious vineyards. A meticulously set table awaited us with promise of a tantalizing sensory experience. The staff were all friendly and well educated in the JC Le Roux range of products and methods and our hostess explained all our wines to us beautifully.

We had a selection of handmade treats that included dark chocolate, white chocolate, cherry pecan and cashew nougat, pecan and cashew nougat and rosewater turkish delight tempting our taste buds. Every paring offered you sheer indulgence! The mix of swirls of bubbly and delectable nougat and chocolate was absolutely glorious!

Seeing as my birthday was the 27th, the outing also doubled as a bit of a celebration with friends that I wouldn’t get to see on the day. I felt truly spoilt. Amongst my gifts I received a gigantic basket full of creative, fun, heavenly chocolate treats that warrants an entire blog post on it’s own!

All in all it was a fantastic day and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area. Go have a look also at for all the mouth watering treats we had and even more!

My Challenge to you … if you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed ONE!

I refuse to believe that small acts of kindness cannot make a difference.  I couldn’t sleep last night and was haunted by an image I saw of a starving child in Ethiopia.  I felt frustrated by the fact that I can’t make any difference to that poor child’s absolute misery and hunger… but it got me thinking and I came up with a plan. We are surrounded by people that are also hungry, who find it hard to make it day to day, who earn minimal wages, so this is where I will start.

Like a small pebble in a pond, thrown the right way it can make extraordinary big ripples.  My solution? I vow to make just one extra sandwich, and somewhere in my day I’ll give it to someone in need, and with some hope, at least 10 of my friends on Facebook, or 10 people reading this blog, will do the same…and if 10 friends of each of those 10 do it as well and so on and so on, just imagine how many people will get a sandwich that they could not afford. 

You might think this stupid, but my challenge to you is this.  Just in case people read this post late, I’ll do it on Friday the 13th.  Very fitting as it will turn a superstitiously “bad-luck-day” into a good-luck one for someone.  It will take you less than 5 min and 2 slices of bread with something in between.  Please help me make a difference…

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed ONE.    – Mother Teresa