Blue cheese Chicken Delight

Out of my very extensive list of about 5 things I can actually cook with some slither of success, my Blue Cheese Chicken Casserole – sounds so professional 🙂  – is one of the favourites amongst my guests.  It is so deliciously glorious and very non-perspiring, effortless to make, with minimal ingredients, which makes the whole cooking process just so much easier as well;

1 Packet of Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs (usually 4 of each)

1 Packet White Onion Soup

1 Packet Button Mushrooms chopped into chunky bits – But I find the more the merrier and you can put in any mushrooms or a mix of black and button or whatever

1 Block Blue Cheese – This too can be more depending on your taste

250ml Cream

Red, yellow, Green peppers chopped or sliced or however it comes out of the food processor

Toss the chicken in an oven dish together with all the other chopped up bits.  Mix the soup into the cream and throw over chicken. Crumble the blue cheese over the top, cover and put into the oven at 180 ° C until cooked – usually about an hour.  Oh and Open the lid for the last 20 or so minutes so that the sauce can reduce a bit, Serve with rice.

Wha laa, Instant, glorious, deliciously creamy satisfaction all in one dish!


Mother-In-Law Squares

As promised sooo very long ago, a super delicious recipe for gloriously moreish squares… You’ll only love it if you love licorice.

125g Butter

1/2 tin Condensed milk

375g Licorise Allsorts (mini)

1 Packet Marie biscuits (crushed)

1 Husband to crush biscuits

Melt butter and add condensed milk.  Get biscuits from hubby and add together with licorice allsorts.  Mix and press into dish 20cm x 30cm.

85g Vegetable Fat or White Marg

170g Cooking Chocolate

Melt Marg and chocolate and spoon over mixture in dish. Place in fridge, cut into fingers…. and wha la … scrumptious, drewl-at-the-thought, melt-in-the-mouth delights

Saucy secrets

There are a lot of secrets women keep from men, like the support underwear that you get to cover you from top to toe, and that you can hardly get yourself into…after the whole exhausting process of feeling utterly deprived of breath at the end of the day, you have to try and get yourself out of it again.  But at least it makes your tummy look slim and your tush nice and firm… Well that is just one of those secrets. The other is of course when it comes to cooking.  As you all know  am quite challenged when it come to this… so tonight hearing that my brother in law would be coming over for dinner, I once again started to perspire and felt ill at the thought of what to make… something edible and hot.  Looking at what I had on hand I just got that overwhelming feeling of “oh what the hell” I’m just going to take everything and chuck it in a dish and if it satisfies, so be it, if not, there is always ice cream.  So I took out some chicken – red meat is just sooo above my abilities – and tossed in some baby marrows, purple onions and some cocktail tomatoes. I felt very pleased with myself looking at the uncooked arrangement and thought all the colours made it look quite fancy…very Nigella, oh and of course I added potatoes.  The thing is I happened to come across a packet of Mediterranean chicken cook in sauce, so that was the deciding factor of what to make.  Tossed the glorious mixture of what I’m sure was pure spice delight over and put in in the oven.  Made some rice in the microwave that came out super sticky, but for all they know, I planned it like that…Made a mental note to try something chinese-y  seeing as I can do sticky rice  Sooo… I must say it all came out fabulously tasty, and I’m profoundly proud that I actually managed to get it all served at the same time, gloriously steaming hot! Gold star to me for that one… and the men thought it was spiced great…wink wink … will make sure to keep those little packets of wondrous flavours well stocked.

Cooking pro – NOT!

Cooking, something I’m seriously challenged with.  I envy those people who can just put anything in a pot, add spices and have a deliciously tasty edible dish to present.  Cooking has never been my strong point.  Even the whole Sunday meal thing.  I can manage all the different veg, carrots always way too sweet and toffee like. Green beans are something I wouldn’t attempt and the art of having it all warm and dished up totally eludes me.  So I naturally do what any self-respecting cooking-challenged woman would do… I married a man that loves to cook … oh aren’t I just so clever 🙂  I can however cook from a recipe…true I perspire at the mere thought of having people other than family over for dinner… and during a session of cooking from the book I get hot flushes and heart pulpetations. I sometimes find myself a little out of breath, mostly because I’m holding it every time I have to add something or check on the food.  I truly hate the entire stressful process and firmly believe it can cause the end of me. This year I’m going to make a point of trying to master a few recipes… and if all else fails…there is always pre cooked meals. AND I’m awesome at following instructions… 12 min on high in tha microwave tadaa!

Gloriously Gooey

Sandwiches, such a simple concept you’d think.  I have a thing about these very tasty little conveniences.  I love just about anything on mine and can cope with having it on boring brown and seeded as well.  My favourite kind is the refined glueyness of white.  My 7 year old daughter can convince anyone of the dangers of eating white or too much of any bread.  She once very seriously and very dryly told her dearest dad (whilst he was munching away at a huge samie) “daddy … bread is like glue”.  If you had to think about it, it does cause a very gluey effect.  But my thing is this; I prefer mine buttered…at all times.  I always debate the peanut butter –needs- no -butter thing… come on man … of course it makes a difference!  My husband makes my samies to perfection.  Buttered with just the right amount of butter and buttered in all corners. I just feel that as long as you are forced to eat the crusts, they also need butter.  There is an unmistakable desert dryness if the corners are skipped. Is this such a monstrously difficult request? I think not.  So to the people who know me – please … just butter the corners.  Oh and on the gluey topic of bread, a very tasty samie my mom makes that any cooking-challenged person can try:

Take a slice of 100% rye … give it a very generous alcoholic sprinkle of white wine.  Put some sliced tomato on.  Sprinkle with veggie spice and top off with some grated cheddar cheese.  Put under the grill and when the cheese has browned and melted enjoy your gloriously gluey delight!